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Minecraft Status Page

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This is the new minecraft Beta status page. You are free to use the features available on this page.


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Conquest - Offline -

Minecraft Server 

Server Connection Info: mc.conquest.dev:25565 |Owner: 1  - Released: 3-14-2019


Bedrock Edition - Offline -

Cross platform Bedrock Edition server 

Server Connection Info: mc.conquest.dev:19132 |Owner: Nab  - Released: 02-10-20


Bing - Online -

Bing website 

Server Connection Info: www.bing.com:80 |Owner:   - Released:


Minecraft - Online -

Minecraft website. 

Server Connection Info: www.minecraft.net:80 |Owner:   - Released:


WewtServer - Online -

Such an aweeeeesome server 

Server Connection Info: runescape.com:80 |Owner: b  - Released: 09-23-17




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