This page features some notable projects that I have worked on. Some listed projects you can interact with. Any application demo that you can run, you run at your own discretion.

Android Applications

Simple Clicking Game

A simple application I used to further my understanding of Java and to practice the use of threads in Android applications.

Java, Android Studio | 3/16/2018



Name Generator

Generates small simple, funny names, for any use.

PHP | 12/21/2016

Facebook Login

Practicing around with the FB API

PHP | 12/23/2016

Encrypt/Decrypt Messages

Making use of predefined PHP functions, you can send or receive hidden messages using this cool tool.

PHP | Fixed 12/11/18 <- 12/23/2016


Windows Applications


Single player text based game reinforcing object-oriented approach.

Java | 8/5/17

Client/Server architecture [Planned]

Server that handles concurrent connections and delivers up-to-date information to all clients();

C# client, Java Server | 3/16/2018

Facebook API Login Flow [Canceled]

Building a custom Facebook API login flow for potential use later down the road (and to learn). This project was canceled due to the use of easier authentication methods.

C# | 12/20/16


Old Projects

Throughout the years I created numerous projects that were hosted on PrestigeCode. I'll be dedicating some time to recover and restore old projects that were on previous webservers. Below is a list of notable projects.

Server Status Page 2012

A server status page, features included but not limited to: account creation, log in, community server list, automatic service checking, community voting, descriptions, connection details, platform of server.

HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL | Partially restored 9/23/17

Dubious Studio Website 2011

An old project website that features work from a (now dismissed) team of people with aspiring goals to create games and other applications.

HTML, CSS, PHP | Restored 10/14/17

URL Shortener 2013

Similar to and tinyurl, a personal url shortener/hider that I created for my own use

PHP | Updated 1/26/17


Existing source code was used. Was hosted and coded solely to learn Java.



School Projects

Zodiac Quiz 2018

A simple quiz made during my Data-Driven Web Sites class.

PHP | 2018

Battleship 2014

An unpolished game of battleship, compete against the computer to see who wins first.

Visual Basic | 2014